Friday, 3 June 2016

One month to go

This is a blog post I drafted a few weeks before I submitted and forgot to post!

You know shit just got real when you buy food that expires after your submission date.

I finished my introduction and a (very) rough conclusion last month, and began editing each of my chapters. I feel very crunched for time, but I'm submitting a complete draft of my dissertation to my supervisor this week, and then returning to the novel for a week or so for the final changes before that heads off too. Then there's proofreading, final corrections, printing, binding and submission.

Here are some documents I found useful and I imagine will be of interest to PhD students at various stages of their candidature, whether they're close to finishing or not:

UNSW PhD Examiners' Report

UNSW Thesis Format Guide

UNSW Thesis Examination Procedures

I'm still not sure who my examiners will be. A few names have been tossed around. I'm trying not to think about it too much. I've been told to think of them as receptive but rigorous readers, and that it's a treat, actually, to have their eyes on the material. It's true - everyone else who's read my thesis has, for the most part, read multiple drafts by this stage, or hasn't been in the same field as me. It's a privilege to have two experts give you feedback on your work, but still - it's hard to think of it that way at this highly stressful point in time!

Fingers crossed I make it by 31 March.

EDIT: I did! More updates coming soon.

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